Updated Agenda for SWIM 2017


Monday September 18th 2017


08:00 – 08:30 – Registration Open

08:30 – 08:50 – Introductory Remarks

  • Philip Ashcroft, NEWIN Chairman

  • Dean Karen Oates – WPI

08:50 – 09:30 – Keynote Talks: Future of Water Innovation

  • Chi Ho Sham, NEWIN Chairman

    • George Hawkins – CEO DC Water

    • Water Innovation Program Manager – WIPO (invited)

09:30 – 10:00 – Coffee Break & Networking Sponsored by Woodard & Curran

10:00 – 11:00 – Panel 1: Driving water innovation with a stick or a carrot. What is the role of technology, policy, regulations and economics?

The US has been slow to adopt energy efficiency or resource recovery in the water utility space. Why is this and what can we do to accelerate it? Panelist will present and discuss market-driven needs. Each will provide an overview of problems they have faced, or currently face. Moderated discussion explore viable strategies to drive adoption of new solutions.

  • Moderator:

    • Jim Cabbot, Cabbot Strategies LLC

  • Panelists include:

    • George Hawkins, DC Water

    • Beth Nestariak – Southern Central CT Regional Water Authority

    • David Duwest – Director of MWRA Deer Island Treatment Plant

    • Karla Sangrey – Director of Blackstone Water Authority

11:00 – 12:00 – Panel 2: Strategies for translating research to innovation

Water innovation is often driven by technologists, engineers and scientists who start the innovation process by building a hammer and then looking for the nail. The urgency of water innovation requires increased attention to the efficiency of the innovation process. Panelists will engage in a moderated discussion about the role of the regions innovation assets and opportunities to accelerate water innovation in Massachusetts?

  • Moderator:

    • Marcus Gay – NEWIN Executive Director

  • Panelists include:

    • Dr. Judy Giordan – ecosVC

    • Joe Bush – Worcester CleanTech Incubator

    • Kathryn Elmes – MassCEC Water Investment

    • Nicole Palmer – Lando and Anastasi, LLP.

    • Raj Malhotra – InvenTrust

12:00 – 13:30 – Lunch – Fireside Chat with Carl Schultz, Paques. Observations from the commercialization of Annamox.

13:30 – 14:30 – Panel 3: Lessons learned from selling water technology in China!

China has some of the most aggressive regulations driving clean water technology and water recycling and reuse operations. Many of the locally developed, innovative technologies, engaging in the energy efficiency, recycling and reuse markets have gained traction working in China ahead of the US market. Presenters will provide a technical presentation on a recent project in China. This is followed by a moderated panel discussion sharing experiences and lessons learned.

  • Moderator:

    • RJ Sullivan – Senior Commercial Officer, Department of Commerce

  • Panelists include:

    • Steven Lam – Gradiant Corporation

    • John Tracy – Oasys Water

    • Robert Sterner – Magnelli Materials

14:30 – 15:30 – Panel 4: Recent additions to our regions water technology expertise

Recent analysis estimates that approximately 40% of the companies engaged with NEWIN work within the energy efficiency, recycling and reuse theme. This area of excellence coupled with our human capital supports many start-ups and attracts established water technology firms to locate in the region. NEWIN has supported three member companies with their relocation to the region. Panelists from each firm will provide a technical presentation about who they are and what they do, followed by a moderator-led discussion about why they chose Massachusetts.

  • Moderator:

    • Philip Jordan – BW Research Partnership

  • Panelists include:

    • Chris Rinaldi – Paques BV

    • Stanton Smith – Nanostone

    • Earl Jones – Heartland Tech

15:30 – 16:00 – Coffee Break & Networking Sponsored by BW Research Partnership

16:00 – 17:30Parallel Break-Out Sessions

Attendee’s will be appointed to one of four parallel break-out sessions. Facilitators in each break-out session will lead the session and report back during the networking and poster session.

Break-out Session 1 – Hear and be Heard: Listening to the voices of academia and industry

Led by Dr’s Winnie Yu, Robert Stanford and Judy Giordan

Collaboration and partnership opportunities between academia and industry are often challenging to get alignment on activity that provides value to both parties. This session provides a framework for students, professors and researchers from Campus Compact, SENSER and regional institutions to connect with NEWIN industry members. All parties will share their needs and identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

Break-out Session 2 – Women in Water: Exploring opportunities for gender diversification in the water sector

Led by Dr’s MaryTheresa Pendergast and Vinka Craver

The US water sector is experiencing a significant problem with an aging workforce. NEWIN created a diversification steering group in 2016 and conducted a round-table meeting to explore gender and racial diversification challenges and opportunities. NEWIN’s recently established, Women in Water program, will meet to develop activity and program ideas for implementation in 2018.

Break-out Session 3 – NEWIN Business Excellence Series: Leadership, management and team dynamics

Led by Bernie Heiner and Philip Ashcroft – PBC Inc

Early stage companies experience many growth pains. Often start employee’s are promoted internally into leadership and management roles that provide opportunity for person growth, but the company lacks the professional development and support infrastructure to enable their success. Larger companies have business processes and professional development frameworks in place to support staff. NEWIN has partnered with PBC Inc to deliver a Business Excellence Series that provides members with business and commercialization coaching support. This break out session is a 1.5 hr professional development program focused on leadership, management and human / team dynamics. The session is tailored to new managers, program managers, project managers, human resources staff and administrators.

Break-out Session 4 – Lead generation Services and Solutions

Led by Jason Wulliger – Splash Link

Identification of RFP’s, business leads, project opportunities and possible collaborators to partner with on engagements is a tedious and time consuming activity. Splash Link has developed a software solution that provides efficiency in the workflow for sales and business development professionals. NEWIN has partnered with Splash Link to make this service available for 1 year to all NEWIN members attending SWIM. Join Jason to get a crash-course in Splash Link so that you can accelerate your pipeline and partner development activity.

17:30 – 19:00 – Open bar, networking and nibbles

  • Exhibitor tables

    • List of exhibitors will be made public soon

  • Student poster presentation

    • List of student posters will be made public soon

  • Reporting out from Breakout 1&2

19:30 – Close



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