The New England Water Innovation was conceived in Massachusetts in 2011, incorporated in January 2014 and since then has been reaching out to New England and beyond to establish best practices in order to accelerate innovation.  We recognize that bringing water technologies to market is a long process and aim to provide the forum and the path to be most efficient.

Market Map for Massachusetts

This Massachusetts Water Industry Market Map represents the breadth and depth of the state’s water industry.

Download a high-quality file suitable for detailed viewing and poster-sized printing HERE.

New England Water Innovation Network

  • Drives water innovation through collaboration, best practice sharing, advocacy and outreach
  • Helps solution providers with business development and technology testing site network to accelerate innovation to market
  • Helps solution seekers find best-in-class technologies to improve treatment cost and quality
  • Engages and energizes our next generation of water industry professionals
  • Provides a common voice for the New England Water industry

Contact us:  contact@newengland-win.org