Become a NEWIN Sustaining Member

Many of you have reached-out with questions about becoming a Sustaining Member of NEWIN and the opportunity this provides for discounts to the events listed in Massachusetts Water Week.

This is a quick post to share with you some details about how you can become a Sustaining Member of NEWIN and get access to the full value of Massachusetts Water Week with your membership.

  • Becoming a sustaining member of NEWIN has >250% return on investment.
  • NEWIN membership is an effective way to invest in the professional development of your staff.
  • Supporting NEWIN provides you access to high-impact talent and supports increased gender and racial diversity in our region’s workforce.
  • NEWIN has negotiated discounted rates for members to gain access to critical business and innovation services that will help you succeed.
  • NEWIN enables early stage firms to get visibility and supports the larger firms with technology scouting and open innovation.
  • For water technology firms*, sustaining membership to NEWIN is available in four categories:
    • Individual member costs $300 and provides $754 in direct value an ROI of 251%
    • Corporate membership for firms under $1 million in gross revenue cost $500 and provides $1,304 in direct value which is a 287% ROI.
    • Corporate membership for firms between $1-10 million in gross revenue costs $1500 and provides $4304 in direct value which is a 287% ROI.
    • Corporate membership for firms with more than $10 million in gross revenue costs $5,000 and provides $14,954 in direct value, which is a 299% ROI.

The specific products and services our existing sustaining members value varies based upon the type of company they are and where they are in the innovation process. A product development manager at a $3.4 bn water tech company has different needs than a start-up CEO or academic innovator applying for grant funding.

We break our support down it into two broad categories, Solution Development and Market Engagement. I authored an article that discussed this for WEF’s World Water magazine and I’ll be on a panel discussion at WEFTEC in Chicago – schedule a meeting with me if you are going to be there. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to set up a chat, I love talking about the value we provide for our Sustaining Members.

* The value proposition outlined above is tailored to water-solution developers. Our members include business service providers like accountants and lawyers, incubators, accelerators programs, water utilities, regulators and NGO’s. The pricing model and associated value proposition is different with each group and we welcome the conversation to chat about that.


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