Your help needed – School in Dominican Republic has lost critical water infrastructure

In addition to running two economic research companies, Philip Jordan volunteers time as the secretary of NEWIN and is an officer of a local non-profit charity that supports a small community school program in the Dominican Republic. Philip shared with me recently this marketing outreach related to a fund raiser for the school. They have lost critical water infrastructure and the families in the community have experienced challenges due to recent storms. If you can donate or would be able to come to the fund raising Gala in October, please join Philip and his colleagues. The information is shared below.


Hurricane Maria is battering the Caribbean islands, leaving an aftermath of destruction. Our school for impoverished children in Las Terrenas needs your support, now more than ever. Our children live a rural region with little infrastructure. Prior storms have already destroyed critical water infrastructure and Maria is expected to cause significant challenges for our students, teachers and their families.
Ways you can support the children of Las Terrenas:
Information about the 2017 Los Niños Fund Raising Gala
Hosted by our friends at Morgan Lewis, this annual event is our opportunity to bring together an engaged community of supporters for a night of food, drink and entrainment. The Los Niños Gala is an excellent opportunity to network with civically-minded professionals, philanthropists and other leaders across the city, while learning about the impact that your generosity and support is having on the lives of the children in our school.
Information about the impact that your support is having
Even when not in crisis, the poorest children in the Dominican Republic cannot attend school, as they are required to work at a young age to help support their struggling families. This perpetuates a cycle of poverty that becomes a trap. Los Niños breaks the cycle by providing free, excellent education for a full school day, hot and nutritious breakfast and lunch daily, and medical care when needed – all in a supportive and loving environment.
Los Niños currently supports 27 students, including 10 in our elementary school, 14 graduates of our primary school currently enrolled in high school (tuition paid and meals provided by Los Niños), and our three graduates who are now attending college.
Our students’ hard work is clearly paying off. Last year, we graduated three students, and all are now enrolled in college. We are especially proud that Yocasta Gay Radney, one of our original and longest tenured students, is at the top of her class in the #2 ranked college in the country. She is the first person from her neighborhood to ever attend college.
Please join us at the 2017 Gala to celebrate another year of success and toast our amazing students! We look forward to seeing you in Boston on October 26!
Best regards,
Philip Jordan, Chair
Richard Toelke, Director
Catherine Walters, Director

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