Bios of NEWIN Members attending NEWIEE Awards Night April 6th


BIO’s from NEWIN Women in Water Members attending the New England Women in Energy and Environment Awards Gala


Uzma Alam – Fluid Screen

Uzma holds a Ph.D. and a Masters in Public Health from Yale University. Being a native of Africa her interest in public health stemmed early and out of first hand experiences. Her career interest revolves around incorporating her research background with entrepreneurship within the global health space. She has national and international experience serving with academic, non-profit, and governmental entities. One of her most recent projects was with the County Government of Kenya to increase access to improved water and sanitation in remote regions of Kenya.


Vinka Craver – University of Rhode Island

Vinka is Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Rhode Island. Her research interests are on novel, sustainable and appropriate technologies that can be used to solve water, wastewater and stormwater issues in developed and developing communities. She is interested on the impact  of these new technologies on the environment and human health. Ongoing projects in her laboratory are: application of silver nanoparticles on point-of-use-water treatment devices, environmental impacts of rare earth elements nanoparticles, engineered amendments for on-site wastewater and storm water runoff.


Sarah Fletcher – MIT

Sarah is Ph.D. candidate in MIT engaged on issues at the intersection of water, environment and energy. Her interest lies in researching and developing workable solutions that promote sustainable use of our water and environmental resources without jeopardizing our economic sustainability. She is a firm believer that it’s not a zero-sum game: more efficient and innovative management of our water and energy systems by both policymakers and industry decision-makers can provide win-win solutions. These are complex issues and her passion is working across disciplines – hard science and engineering, economics, public policy, and strategy – to analyze problems at the system level and communicate solutions to stakeholders. Sarah holds a Masters Degree in Technology, Policy and Engineering System from MIT and an undergraduate degree in Physics from University of Pennsylvania.


Jamie Lefkowitz – OptiRTC

Jamie Lefkowitz is a professionally registered civil engineer and the Director of Project Development at Opti, managing large, multi-site stormwater monitoring and control deployments and working directly with clients to apply Opti’s innovative solutions to complex stormwater management problems. Ms. Lefkowitz holds an M.S. in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering and a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, both from Villanova University


Sarah Lehman – BW Research

Sarah is Senior Research Analyst at BW Research, a full-service applied economic research firm. Ms. Lehmann manages data processing and programming, in addition to report writing and deliverable production. She has worked in energy and environment roles in both Massachusetts and California, and her project focus areas include economic and workforce development, education initiatives, clean and advanced energy technologies, and industry cluster analyses for local, statewide, and federal agencies. Ms. Lehmann received her B.A. in Environmental Analysis and Policy with a focus in Sustainable Energy from Boston University.


Katherine MacDonald – Greentown Labs

Katie MacDonald is a member of the NEWIN Board and is Director of Strategic Relations at Greentown Labs. Through her experience working with communities, students, and stakeholders in the cleantech ecosystem, Katie has developed a top notch ability to motivate teams, manage campaigns, and develop high level operational and strategic plans for organizations. In past roles Katie led CleanTech Open NorthEast, the US largest and longest running CleanTech Accelerator program. She has taught and designed leadership development curriculum for public and private universities, served as a regional organizer for the world’s largest climate advocacy organization, written and collaborated with policy makers on renewable energy legislation, worked to develop cleantech solutions in the United States and Central America, and co-founded a regional youth climate advocacy organization. Katie graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a B.S in Environmental Science.


Susan Mackay – CeraHelix

Susan is an experienced chief executive officer with a demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry. Susan is skilled in Thin Films, Entrepreneurship, Polymers, Nanotechnology, and Public Speaking. Her professional background includes time as a Staff Scientist at Physical Electronics and as a Research Specialist at 3M. Susan has a strong technical background with a Ph.D. focused in Chemistry from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Helen Markewich- Fluid Screen

Helen is a scientist and water/environment professional. She is the lead-scientist and head of the water-division at Fluid Screen. Her background includes environment/natural resources technical and operations/logistics experience in the United States, rural Kenya, and Nairobi, Kenya. She has drinking water and wastewater quality and treatment science in large-scale,

municipal settings including regulatory compliance and reporting for environment, water, ISO 11138 and experience with a variety of water treatment techniques including UV disinfection, dissolved air flotation (DAF), coagulation/flocculation with coagulants and polymers, dual-media filtration, fluoridation, pH adjustment, corrosion control, chlorination. Helen has a Ph.D. from Cornell and an undergraduate degree from Georgia Institute of Technology.


MaryTheresa Pendergast – Oasys Water

MaryTheresa Pendergast leads the Solutions R&D team to improve and expand the Oasys technology platform. Her team focuses on innovation in membrane performance, low energy draw solution recovery, and integrated systems design. MaryTheresa is a recognized and established author, having published more than 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and proceeding papers since 2007. MaryTheresa has dual BS degrees in Physics from Providence College and Earth and Environmental Engineering from Columbia University. She also earned a MS and PhD at University of California, Los Angeles where she developed novel membrane materials and water treatment processes.


Marielle Remillard – Harvard University

Marielle is Ph.D. candidate in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. She works within Chad Vecitis’ research group and is interested in the Energy-Water nexus. Her research today focuses on low-energy desalination technologies. Prior work included hydrogeological research in Alaska and bioterrorism work at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico.  Marielle has a Masters in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.


Tzipora Wagner – Cambrian Innovation

Tzipora is a process engineer at Cambrian Innovation. She is co-inventor on a patent describing cost-effective electrodes for bioelectrochemical systems and she holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering from MIT.

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