NEWIN NYC Water Pitch Night – Two Weeks Away!

NEWIN facilitates networking and knowledge sharing opportunities in our regions water-innovation business community. Our annual event calendar, hosted at, lists many of these events. Our cornerstone event is known as Water Pitch Night (WNP). Historically WPN has been a Boston based networking event. New for 2017, NEWIN has expanded into New York and will be bringing Water Pitch Night to the New York City.

Part casual networking, part business facilitator and part pitch-contest. Water Pitch Night has become one of the core events to create synergy and opportunities for collaboration within our regions water-innovation community. These events attract participation from investors, academics, innovators, regulators and seasoned industry professionals.

NEWIN Water Pitch Night’s have been growing in popularity for over the past 2-3 years. It is recognized as the leading event for connecting with water-innovation professionals. As I have shared in prior newsletters, Water Pitch Night has now expanded to include a parallel series that we are running with our members and regional sponsors in New York and the surrounding Tri-State area.

Join us on March 16th for NEWIN WPN-NYC!

In addition to business networking, NEWIN Water Pitch Nights focus on raising awareness of specific market driven needs and provide an opportunity to highlight innovations and solutions to address them. NEWIN WPN-NYC will focus on the unique and important issues of Water Quality in NY. Two facets of water quality in NY will be specifically addressed:

1) Nitrogen pollution of the states coastal ecosystems

2) 1,4-dioxane contamination of the states freshwater sources.

If you follow NEWIN’s Blog, you will have seen my posts about Nitrogen issues impacting our coastal ecosystems. The issues of failing septic (onsite treatment) systems is a growing concern to many coastal communities, including but not limited to Long Island, NY and Cape Cod, MA.

Recently the issue of 1,4 Dioxane has become an important issue in NY. This chemical, found in many every day products like automotive coolant, cosmetics & shampoo, is a contaminating our freshwater bodies. National surveys suggest between 3-10% of our freshwater drinking water sources are contaminated to levels that can increase the risk of cancer. Recent studies suggest that in certain New York communities, more than 70% of the local water sources demonstrate increased contamination from this known carcinogen.

Earlier this month, leaders in NY including Governor Cuomo, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and NEWIN member, Hal Walker from SUNY Stony Brook, took action to request that the EPA protect these citizen by providing water treatment guidance and minimum concentration limits for this currently unregulated chemical. In the event that the EPA does not act, NY state will take its own actions. More information on this is available here:

NEWIN WPN-NYC will discuss the size and scope of specific water quality challenges facing New York, the need for cost-effective treatment methods, and the regional frameworks that are emerging to support the development and deployment of solutions.

Speakers Include:

I encourage you to join us for this amazing event! Get your tickets here:

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