First class speaker line-up for NEWIN NYC Water Pitch Night

NEWIN Water Pitch Night – NYC Speaker List


Rob headshot bw 1

Matter Shift – NY

Rob McGinnis, PhD, is an expert on membranes, water desalination and purification processes, and osmotically driven membrane systems. Rob is the founder and CEO of Mattershift. He was previously co-founder and CTO of Oasys Water. Rob is the inventor of the Mattershift programmable molecular gateway technology and the Oasys forward osmosis desalination process. Rob received his PhD in Environmental Engineering from Yale University. He has authored over 30 patents and peer-reviewed publications in water, energy, and separations technology.


Mark Hopkinson head shot 2017 (1)AquaVectors, Syosset, NY

Mark Hopkinson has made a career of starting, acquiring, transforming, directing, revitalizing and “fixing” companies in various sectors of the US industrial and infrastructure environment. His focus has generally been lower-middle market companies, and his role has been as principal, director, manager, consultant, executive and/or advisor. The past 10 years have been focused on organizing and managing early stage companies, from completion of technology development into commercialization, with products as varied as hybrid rotary engines, solar-powered refrigerators and advanced methods of water treatment, in particular in disinfection and nutrient removal. His current initiative is Aqua Vectors, Inc., developing a tertiary process for polishing wastewater effluent to remove nitrates. He has succeeded in attracting development funding from both the National Science Foundation and Angel investors, and he anticipates transitioning to the commercialization phase towards the end of 2017. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. He served on active duty as an officer in the US Navy on board an anti-submarine destroyer and as sailing master on one of the A-Class Tall Ships in the 1976 Bicentennial OpSail.


Howard Y_01_Headshot_4to3_thirds

GreenBlu, Princeton NJ

Howard Yuh is a research scientist at GreenBlu with 20 years of experience in experimental physics. Dr. Yuh is a nuclear engineer (PhD MIT ’05, BS UC Berkeley ‘97) and material scientist (BS, UC Berkeley ‘97) by training, and has expertise in thermal cycles, adsorption physics, and pressure/vacuum systems. Having spend the last year in the Cleantech Open Accelerator, Howard is learning the skills required to be an entrepreneur. Howard has extensive experience with in-silico computer simulation of physical systems, which he has applied to model GreenBlu’s design. Howard has successfully designed, constructed, and executed experiments from concept through data analysis with computer predictive modeling verification. In his previous career, Howard worked on plasma instrumentation for fusion reactors, collaborating on the National Spherical Torus eXperiment Upgrade at the DoE Princeton Plasma Physics National Laboratory and the global ITER tokamak reactor.


Uzma Alam_head shotFluid Screen, New Haven, CT

Dr. Uzma Alam holds a PhD and a Masters in Public Health from Yale University. Being a native of Africa her interest in public health stemmed early and out of first hand experiences. Her career interest revolves around incorporating her research background with entrepreneurship within the global health space. She has national and international experience serving with academic, non-profit, and governmental entities. One of her most recent projects was with the County Government of Kenya to increase access to improved water and sanitation in remote regions of Kenya.



BBS PictureAquaGen-ISI, Yarmouth, MA

Brian Braginton-Smith has been engaged in ocean science, environmental and alternative water and energy technology for over 30 years.  In that time he was the individual the envisioned offshore wind energy I the US which became the Cape Wind project.  He was also instrumental in developing alternative water resource opportunities in wastewater treatment and recycling technology in the early 1990s.  He has worked with the Department of Commerce, US DOE and the White House, President’s Council on Sustainable Development.  He formed Aquagen Infrastructure Systems, Inc. in 2012 as a result of research on marine algae as a holistic solution for wastewater pollution.  Mr. Braginton-Smith work has been published in numerous industry publications and professional journals.



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