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NEWIN is pleased to support Columbia University as a sponsor of IRRC2017. This conference will be held from August 5-9 at Columbia University, will bring together researchers, industry leaders, and policy-makers to share unique insights into resource recovery as it pertains to the climate-water-energy cycle. Particular focus will be directed to facilitate solutions for renewable energy, clean water, and sustainable agriculture. The conference program will highlight fundamental research, global case studies, and policy for the recovery of energy, nutrients and commodities from waste. Four workshops ($150 USD/day) will examine the next generation of industrial resource recovery, platforms leveraging nature-based technology, collaborative research, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Saturday, August 5

Workshop I: The Next Generation of Resource Recovery Platforms, led by Samuel Jeyanayagam, will explore how our industry is poised to shift to the extraction of nontraditional value-added commodities using disruptive approaches. The recovery of conventional resources (nutrients, energy, and water) already underway through the implementation of mature technologies will also be addressed. The competition for carbon-based materials will take center stage at the discussion as well as the adaptation of delivery platforms with ongoing plant operations.

Saturday, August 5

Workshop II: Role of Nature-based Systems in Decentralised Approaches for Linking Sanitation to Energy and Food Security, organized by Dr. Guenter Langergraber and Dr. Fabio Masi, will focus on the applicability of wetland systems in resource-recovery sanitation systems. The discussion will analyze the role of nature-based systems for decentralised approaches to link sanitation, energy, and food security. This workshop aims to expand participants’ knowledge about the low-tech side of resource recovery solutions. Case studies from low- and high-income countries will be presented, and future possibilities will be discussed.

Sunday, August 6

Workshop III: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Resource Recovery, co-coordinated by Columbia University and several startup accelerators, will engage water and resource recovery entrepreneurs to interact with organizations carrying out the incubation and acceleration of projects to reach the market scale. Sources of funds, new business models, commercialization pathways, and case studies will be shown to demonstrate the path to technology commercialization.

Sunday, August 6

Workshop IV: Removal to Recovery: Fostering Innovation through Collaborative Research – Utility, Academia and Industry Perspectives, organized by Edris Taher, Sandeep Sathyamoorthy, and Luis Arellano, will highlight industry leading research and innovation related to resource recovery. Major focus will be directed to four major themes:

(1) How the circular economy can drive innovation in water resource recovery,

(2) Case studies illustrating the transformation of a WWTP into a Resource Recovery Facility; (3) Future prospects and possibilities for resource recovery

(4) How collaborative research today is paving the way for an Integrated Resource Management future. This workshop will also provide some insights into the potential pathways for research within the environmental sector beyond academia.

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