The Need for Innovation

Global headwinds are worsening
water scarcity, quality and affordability

Global Population in Billions from 1 A.D through 2050 A.D

Source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

  • By 2050, the global population will exceed 9-billion people, further exacerbating the water scarcity we experience today, and increasing demand in water-intense industries like Food and Energy.
  • The investment gap for water infrastructure exceeds $2T globally. There is insufficient capital available to address our water infrastructure needs.
  • If we are to meet the global water challenges, we must innovate, and find better, more effective and more cost-effective ways of ensuring water is available, safe and affordable.
  • Innovation includes, but is not limited to, technology. We must also innovate with business models, risk models, regulatory models and financing.

Yesterday’s solutions cannot solve today’s problems!

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