Vision & Mission



Safe, Abundant and Affordable Water for All

Water is our world’s most pervasive and essential resource.

Unfortunately, many global trends are worsening water scarcity, quality and affordability, and in doing so, threaten security, health, environments and economies globally.

Today’s challenges cannot be met with yesterday’s solutions.

To make an impact, and realize safe, abundant and affordable water for all, we must broaden and accelerate innovation in the Water Industry.


NEWIN is the 501(c)(6) non-profit, water industry cluster for New England whose members are committed to helping solve water resource challenges globally.

NEWIN’s mission is to make an impact on the global water challenges by helping to broaden and accelerate innovation to market.

Catalyze Water Industry Collaboration

For our Water Industry Stakeholders, facilitate: Partnerships, Business Development, Best Practice Sharing, Advocacy, Outreach and Communication

Drive Local Innovation with Global Impact

Promote regional, national and global collaboration and partnerships to make an impact on the world’s pressing water challenges.