Water Leadership

The NEWIN Leadership Award is recognition of those individuals and organizations who, through hard work, selfless dedication, exemplary behavior and vision, have made a significant and lasting impact to the New England Water industry.

At the NEWIN Leadership Conference, November 19, 2014, we were pleased to announce that our first award was bestowed on Daniel O’Brien, a well-respected industry leader who spent 13 years of his career at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and 27 years at the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). Mr. O’Brien stated “I am extremely honored to be the first recipient of the NEWIN Water Leadership Award and humbly accept it on behalf of the many men and women who work to protect the New England water environment. We are all fortunate to have organizations such as NEWIN that continue to promote and lobby in support of innovative solutions to our municipal water challenges.”

Daniel O'Brien  NEWIN Water Leadership Award Winner

Daniel O’Brien
NEWIN Water Leadership Award Winner

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