Water Pitch Night: Five Local Startups Pitch Their Water Innovation

Thank you to everyone who joined NEWIN and BeCause Water for the inaugural Water Pitch Night held at TechHub in Somerville, MA on Wednesday, September 16th!

The event brought together 70 people representing over 45 companies, universities, startups, nonprofits and investment groups from across the New England area to network, celebrate the local entrepreneurial spirit, and hear from five leading local startups about their water innovation and technology.  Water Pitch Night was a great success and highlighted the strength of the local water cluster community and our network’s interest in innovation, startups and water technology.

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Water Pitch Competition

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Five water startups pitched their technology and innovative water solutions at Water Pitch Night. Congratulations to OptiRTC for placing first in the pitch competition and to all the startups for their excellent pitches! The five startups that pitched include:

  1. OptiRTC: Opti is building the Internet of Stormwater to protect our water resources. Opti implements stormwater management technologies which control the rate of stormwater flow to prevent raw sewage in natural bodies.
  1. Cerahelix: Cerahelix and the helix NFM™ is based on a patented process that uses DNA to make a nano-ceramic coating to provide faster filtration at high purity. Cerahelix is developing a patented ceramic filter, the Picohelix™, to remove dissolved solids for softening and concentrating applications, and recovery of valuable by-products.
  1. Aquagen ISI: AquaGen ISI is a wastewater treatment system that offers sustainable and cost-efficient solutions through a membrane-photobioreactor process. The AquaGen ISI integrated sustainable community infrastructure system is the only standardized integrated energy, waste and process water system on the market today.
  1. SafeWell: SafeWell is a Primary Care Provider for the annual inspection, measurement, and testing of residential wells. The service technicians inspect, test and measure well conditions on-site and take samples for further analysis in the lab. SafeWell interprets water quality results and provide guidance on mitigation measures to take.
  1. Aquaback Technologies: Aquaback Technologies is solving the world’s water crisis with an innovative distiller that uses vapor compression technology and converts up to 99% of input water into purified water. Aquaback’s technological breakthroughs enable truly safe water recycling, which increases water supply and effectively addresses water scarcity at any scale.


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If you missed Water Pitch Night this September and would like to participate be sure to stay tuned for our Water Pitch Night in October at TechHub! If you are a local New England water startup and you would like to apply to be a Water Pitch Night pitcher, please reach out to Nicole DeSantis at ndesantis@newengland-win.org.

Special thank you to Matt and the team at BeCause Water for their enthusiasm to jump in and make this event happen, to Simon and the team at TechHub for providing the fantastic event space and Harpoon Beer for the event, to our key sponsors Gradiant Corporation and MassCEC for their generous sponsorship, and to the MIT Water Club and CleanTechOpen promotion and support.


Full List of Attendees at Water Pitch Night

Altaeros Energies


Aquaback Technologies, Inc.

Aquagen ISI

Aras Software


Aware Studios

BeCause Water

Boston Architectural College

Boston University


CSR Consultants

Emerson Swan


GE Water

Gradiant Corporation

Greentown Labs

Harvard Business School

Health to Know

Liberation Capital

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center



New England Clean Energy Council (NECEC)

NECEC Institute

New England Water Innovation Network (NEWIN)

North Shore InnoVentures

Opti RTC

Providence Water


Realvest Limited

Redwood Innovation Partners

Resolute Marine

Ritterbin Photography

Strategic Water Resources

TechHub Boston

Tufts University

Underground Energy, LLC



Wastewater Advisory Committee

Water Supply Citizens Advisory Committee to the MWRA

Windsail Capital

Woodard and Curran


Zapotec Energy, Inc.

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