NEWIN Water Pitch Night on Hydro Power and MHK Technology


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NEWIN represents a water innovation community of over 1200 companies (300 registered as members) working to support water-technology development in the NorthEast US. Overlapping with our water-technology network is a highly competitive marine science and technology industry. In the northeast US our marine science and technology industry has almost 500 firms employing approximately 40,000 people generating $8-10 billion in economic value to the region. The significance of our regions strength in this theme is demonstrated with Xylem Analytics (YSI) in Rye Brook NY, General Dynamics Electric Boat Company in Groton CT and groups like Teledyne Benthos and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute on Cape Cod, MA.

NEWIN member, Resolute Marine is a great example of where our regions expertise in Marine Science and Technology has supported the innovation of Water Treatment. Through the application of marine hydrokinetic power, Resolute Marine can treat seawater through Reverse Osmosis filtration using a fraction of the electrical power demand of traditional RO based seawater desalination plants.

The strength of our regions human and intellectual capital positions the northeast USA as a global player in marine science and technology landscape. As our name indicates NEWIN is a network of water innovation nodes. In essence, we are a super-cluster that exists to leverage the strength and intensity of our regions existing business and innovation economies. By building upon our regions existing capabilities we can accelerate solution development and market adoption of water technologies in both local and global markets. Water Pitch Night next week, on Thursday April 20th provides an opportunity for these communities to overlap through coordinated networking and knowledge sharing.

Join us on Thursday April 20th to hear from our speakers and network with water-technology, hydropower and marine-technology business professionals.

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Keynote: Mark Ferri

Most recently Mark was Director of Innovation for National Grid, however a few years ago Mark led the investment strategy for renewable and energy investments within Mass Tech Collaborative (MTC). MTC is one of multiple quasi-government entities in the commonwealth that provide support to the regions business and innovation ecosystem in Massachusetts. Mark will share insights from his experience supporting marine science and technology in the Commonwealth.

Speaker 1: Bill Staby – Resolute Marine

Resolute Marine was a recent recipient of the MassCEC Innovate Mass $150K competitive grant. Bill will provide information in this firm and updates on their progress.

Speaker 2: Peter Ullman – Tidal Electric

Tidal Electric is a great example of local innovation with global impact. Based in Connecticut, Peter and the team at Tidal Electric are developing and implementing offshore lagoons for production of tidal power in Scotland and Alaska.

Speaker 3: Nicholas Cabral – SurgeHydro

SurgeHydro is focused on ushering hydroelectric facilities into the twenty-first century. The vast majority of existing dams in the U.S.—more than 90 percent, or 80,000 dams—don’t produce electricity. In order to secure a sustainable energy future these facilities will need to be brought on line.

Speaker 4: Michael Kerr – New England Hydropower Company (invited)

New England Hydropower Company builds, owns, operates and manages small-scale hydropower works using an Archimedes screw technology that is well suited for application in legacy dams throughout New England and the United States.


Hydro Power & Marine HydroKinetic Water Pitch Night – get your tickets here:

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